Is Online Banking secured???

Now a days we all are switching to online banking to avoid waiting in Queue for hours in banks, to deposit, transfer, credit, Govt. payments and other transactions.

When we talk about online cheap viagra canada banking automatically its comes in mind that faster and easier way to do your banking transactions.

So how much is secure this Online or Internet banking, is our hard-earned money is safe??

Before go to online/Internet banking we have to take care of following:

1.       Web site security.

First we have to check weather site of bank is secure or not, to check this you need to see the in address bar.

Where “S” is the security sign, if you see only there is no guaranty that this is actually your bank site. So if you don’t find “s’ in address bar with http you should be careful and not to make any transactions with this bank.

2.       Contact us page

According to security expert It is not enough if main page of site is secure (https), every page including contact us page that has email address and telephone numbers should be secured. Why this could be dangers?? A criminal hackers can go just right in and he changes to that page and you may be actually calling the fake  numbers. After that your identity could be stolen.

3.       Checking frequent statement of account

To avoid any inaccuracy you should check your account weekly or monthly basis, credit card bill, utility bills, making sure that there is nothing is out of place.

If you notice any unusual or any transaction which you did not execute or authorize, immediately contact your local bank representative and inform about those trasactions.

4.       Identity theft

Report says that 9 million people have been theft their identity, so beware of sharing your personnel details on website. First make sure the information required by the bank only, then only gave your personnel details.

5.       Password

When you are using online/ internet banking your password should be very complicated to other and easily remember able to you. Don’t write it on a piece of paper or store somewhere in your computer.

Password always alpha numeric, and also you can use some special characters like ($, @,*,& etc.).

6.       Antivirus software

It is very important to keep your computer or Laptop safe, if your laptop or computer is connected to the Internet or LAN or WAN, it is very important that you use Antivirus firewall software. Once you installed or configured any Antivirus on your system it is very important to update it on daily or weekly basis.

Always access your internet banking account by typing the address in internet browser, rather searching by search engines.

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