Are you using Internet??? If Yes, have you think about security of your computer?? If not, you should.

Computer viruses and malware are rampant and it may cause you to lose your entire computer data if proper protection steps are not taken. Here are few important points to keep in mind:

1. Do not open any strange link or attachment which you received from unknown person. It may be virus which may install itself on your PC.

2. Make sure you have new updated antivirus software installed on your computer. This software must be able to scan your files and E-mails, as they received from others or downloaded from the internet, to help prevent malware reaching your computer. A little investment in Antivirus software goes long way. There are also companies providing free software for a limited trail period.

It is also important that to make sure that this anti-virus software updated frequently, to fix the actual engine and data base files ensuring they contain latest cures for new virus and torjans.

Following are the recommended Anti-virus software:

MacAfee ( ),  Symantec ( ), Kaspersky( ), Emisoft (

3. Update your Operating system (OS) with latest security patches. Microsoft Windows update the security features of their products continuously to cover any possible and actual loopholes.

4. Adjust the security level to medium of your browser (in Internet Explorer go to Tools, options and Security)

5. One more important thing, you should installed firewall software or use the native Windows firewall. A good firewall prevent unauthorized access to your computer from external source through internet, also give you additional protection against the more common Worms and Torjans. Only firewall is not enough to protect from virus problem, but when you use in conjunction with other security measures, will give you deeper system security and protection.

6. “Prevention is better than cure”. However you may still get virus no matter how strong is your security is, it is always able to have backup of your personnel data of your computer on weekly basis.

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