Good news!!

Microsoft has launched its latest browser, Internet Explorer 9 beta (IE9) on this March (15th March to be precise), and it’s packed with some great new features.

Rush to upgrade your older version of explorer with IE9, but careful before installing the IE9; check your operating system, if you are using XP, it will not work, as it only available on Windows Vista and Widows 7.

Here are some of the new features in IE9.

§  New interface : – no toolbars on top of the screen, Microsoft trying to learn from Firefox and Chrome and removed the excess stuff at the top of the screen which gives you more space to view web page.

§  Download monitor :- IE9 also has a new downloads manager which lets you monitor, pause, restart and cancel downloads.

§  Compatibility :- With IE9 Microsoft has target  on extending the browser’s compatibility with modern Web technologies such as HTML 5 and CSS3.

§  Faster :- Microsoft claims IE9 is faster and attractive than previous versions of Explorer because it maximizes your computer’s hardware components, specifically your graphics processing unit (GPU), instead of improving browser speed solely through software tweaks.

§  Sophisticated shortcuts : – IE9 includes the ability to create some peculiar shortcuts for sites such as YouTube, Facebook and Twitter etc. Drag the Youtube URL to your program tray this creates an icon in your taskbar based on the site’s favicon (the little picture that sits next to the address bar). If a favicon is not available, then Windows uses the standard IE logo.

§  Jump lists :- New jumplist feature is a great addition to IE9. Once you’ve pinned a site such as Youtube, Twitter, Facebook or even Mywebexperience to your taskbar, just right-click on the icon to see a selection of shortcuts for that site. For example Right-click on Facebook, and you have rapid access to your Messages, friends list, Events and Request.

Internet Explorer 9 is available to download here.

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