Are you getting the full speed of your internet for what your paying?? No??

So here is some Tips for you to get the speed for which your paying.

1.  First check with your Internet service provider (ISP) about your plan. and make sure the speed your paying for is the speed programmed in their network.

2.  Check your Internet connection speed. You will find many software on net to check your Internet speed, for your ready reference some of given below.,,

3.  Now compare the speeds from step 2 to step 1. If you are getting the speed as per you plan, do not go further, if you are not, go to the next step.

4.  In next step, Delete the cookies and History, this can be done easily by going to the Option under the tools tab in Internet Explorer (IE). Cookies are the files  website save on your computer for later access, when they buildup they actually slow down your  Internet and computer performance. In newer version of IE have the 5 different buttons for different things. you can delete all once by clicking on Delete all button.

5.  In next step close or disable anti-virus and other unneeded software that are running on your computer, to do so see the right bottom of your computer.

6.  Run a Spy-ware / Mal-ware scan weekly . with this you can ensure that there are no program eating your bandwidth. There are so many spy-ware and Mal-ware programs, but two are my favorite (Spybot S&D & Ad-ware) doing this will not only increase your navigation speed, but it will also protect your computer.

7.  The last step you can do is to increase your Internet speed change your browser to Google chrome or Mozilla Firefox, Chrome is faster than others. browsers.

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