There are some very important points that you should keep in mind when creating a user registration form,

  • Try to make user registration as simple as possible. See Why and How to Keep User Registration Simple
  • Use captcha to avoid spam
  • Try to keep captcha a bit simple and not very tough to avoid registration drops
  • Try to get email confirmation either by using confirmation link by email, or mx record check to see if the domain for email exists. Because we usually send notifications to registered users and if we have a large no. of invalid email address then there is a huge possibility that we may be marked as spammer. Usually people are in hurry to signup and will
  • As far as possible try to avoid username and make login by email address, this will save the user hassle of remembering an additional username for your site.
  • Keep 2 fields for password. (Password and Confirm Password field)
  • Avoid un-necessary fields to avoid annoying users.
  • Make compulsory fields with * symbol.
  • Always keep an forgot password option.
  • As much as possible try to use checkboxes and dropdown options, instead of making the user fill the forms by typing.
  • Best is to use Facebook Connect (Open API) or OpenID integration.
  • If possible use mobile verification.

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