Make Forms without License Key

When you install and activate the gravity forms plugin it will ask you to enter the license key, But one thing I want to mention you that license key is only for plugin updates & support.

You can still make forms without providing the license key. Let’s see the steps involved in bypassing the license key

Step 1 :

The first thing you have to do is Just neglect that license key box and tap on Next ( As shown in below image ), This plugin will still work perfectly without license key  as I mentioned earlier license key is only for support and automatic Plugin Updates.

Bypass License key in gravity forms

Now it will display a warning message ( as shown in below image ) in which stated that Plugin updates will not be available and it will be unsafe for the website to skip entering License Key.

But that’s not an issue you can update your plugin as soon as it is released by the developer, there are many websites from which you will get gravity forms plugin at very low cost.

Skip License key of Gravity forms

Now just check the Box  ( I understand the risks ) to accept the terms and conditions of gravity forms plugin and Hit Next Button.

Step 2 :

Here Just tick the button which says turn off background updates, As we are not entering any license key there is no doubt of automatic Plugin Updates so disable background updates to update Gravity Forms Plugin manually.

Again Check the box ( I understand and accept the risk ) and Hit Next Button

Step 3 :

Now Just Set your Website Currency

No-conflict Mode – Keep No-conflict Mode Off if you find that using this plugin causing conflicts or issues in your website make this on or keep it default to off.

Toolbar Menu – If you want to display the forms menu in above WordPress toolbar SET it to on

Akismet Integration ( Optional ) – This option will not come by default with gravity forms so if it is not showing during setup don’t worry, but I recommend to install &  Activate Akismet plugin to Protect form entries from spam.

Click on Next Button one last time.

Once You Hit Next Your Gravity form Installation is Complete and Now you can make Unlimited Forms.

Go Make your First Form by Clicking on Create a Form Button.