iPhone is an amazing phone but it lacks some basic features like sending many photos at once. It limits sending photos to five at a time. You can overcome this by installing an app called” multiple photo email” a simple yet beautiful app that lets you send as many photos you want.

First download the app from apple store. It costs only about 99c. After Opening you will be asked to enter your email for the first time only. By default it has google, hotmail, aol and yahoo supported. Just enter your email and password. And press save. It will verify that the email and password are correct and can connect to the email.

Next click add photos at right bottom and you will be taken to the camera roll. You will have to select each photo individually by first clicking the photo and add photo next.

When finished adding photo press save the the rift bottom on the next page click next At the top right and you can add as many email address you want.

Don’t close the app until the screen says” email successfully sent”