Just a few days back, I wanted to edit multiple pictures for a post. Actually I wanted to resize them all to fit into the WordPress screen.

So, I went to the natural source Google and searched for mass photo editing. All the search results gave Adobe Photoshop as the answer. And of course Photoshop it is a very powerful tool for editing multiple/single photos. But, I was feeling a bit stingy, so did not go for it. And I didn’t wanted to use the cracked version, as my conscience did not accept it.

Luckily, one of my close friends came to know about my problem, and he solved it in such an easy way that I felt embarrassed not knowing about it. Then i thought why not share it with others and help them avoid being in the same situation as I was.

What he suggested me was just right click on any one of the photos which you want to edit and click ‘open with’ —-Microsoft Office Picture Manager. Once you open it, then go to the left side of the toolbar and click “Thumnail view” icon. Once you click it, all the pictures will show in a single window as thumbnails, provided all the pictures you want to edit are in the same folder. Once you get to the thumbnail view, Press CTRL A to select all the pictures and click “Edit Picture” on the toolbar. Then you will get all the options to Crop,Resize,Compress etc whatever you want to do with the pictures.

Once you are done, just click ‘Save’ and Bingo!!! All your files are edited in a single shot, without using Photoshop.

Please try it and share your experiences.