How to kill the active applicatons, Clear Ram, Clear defaults and know system storage:


Most of the android devices has the feature which will allow the user to know the internal and external storage, know which are the applications are actively running on the background and clear ram.

Sometimes you find your android is responding slow and many applications are running on the background which is causing the issue. There is not much available resources and a clearing the RAM or killing the active apps might give you better performance to your device.

Press the Home button for few seconds on your Samsung device. I am using Android OS 4.3


When you press the Home button for few seconds a new black window pops up with most of the apps you are running background

Just to give you an idea what icon is what please refer to the below snapshot.



For the privacy issue I have to mark certain images in black.

Anyway the bottom of the screen will give you options like Task manager, Google and Kill apps.

In Task manager you will find different options like active applications, downloads, RAM, Clear defaults, internal storage, help….


Here in the above screen shot, only one app is listed which will show you the details of how much RAM and CPU is been utilized. You can click on End tab and this will kill the active application.

Moving on to RAM. From the below snapshot, the current Ram utilized is 1.09 gb.

Press the clear memory and this will eventually clear the inactive applications and background processes.


This is what is get after clear memory. The numbers differ from device to device and the number of applications running on the device.


Moving on to Clear defaults, you can select then and clear  individually


Lastly you can select the Storage tab and see the memory space available for Internal and external. If for some reason the internal memory is full, you may need to move the app to sd card or uninstall it from application manager.