How to find Android Device Model for Samsung Galaxy Note 2 running on Android 4.3?

To know the model details for your android device there are multiple ways.

1. You may get the device model by removing the battery from back side. For example please refer below image for Samsung Galaxy Note 2.  Model:  GT-N7100


2. If for some reason there is no sticker no need to panic you have another way to check it through your device screen when you turn the device starts up. It will show you if you are running on STOCK rom ONLY

3. Another alternative is when the device is fully turned ON.

4. Find apps icon on the bottom of the screen and click on it. For those how are not aware what the App icon looks like :



Now find setting icon and click on it. (For security reasons and I don’t want others to know,I have to hide certain apps)


Under Settings click on  More icon



Select About device which is on the bottom of the screen as shown below


Since my device Model Number is GT-N7100