Databases offer a framework for regulating Bulk data over the web effectively. They are basically used to run different electronic applications, for example, presentation sheets, Content Management System ( To give installation instructions ) etc.

But how to create the database in Cpanel? Follow below steps to create Database & User

Login in cpanel account ( by entering ), Now you will see different application divided into different sections scroll down to Databases section and click on MySQL Database Wizard

Step 1 : Create Database

Now create the Database by entering any name for your database. Of course, cPanel prefixes the name of your MySQL database with the username of your cPanel account ( As highlighted with borders in below figure).

Just you need to enter your database name, and hit next step.

Step 2 : Create User

To access the database you have to create MySQL User,.

The best practice is to create separate User for each database. Because if In the event that one User is under risk it only effects one database.

Pick your username, Choose strong password and click on create User.

Make sure to note down username ( with cpanel account name prefix ) & password because you need these credentials to Install Content Management System / To connect database with WordPress.

Step 3 : Add User to Database

On the following screen, You need to give some privileges to the User over the database specified by CMS.

If you don’t know the privileges simply check the box All Privileges ( As shown in below figure ) and Click on Next Step.

Now You have successfully Created Database and Added User to the Database.

You will get Task Completed Message ( As shown in below figure )