How to Backup your phone contacts, call logs, messages,videos, photos music, account information


There are many users who would like to take backup for contacts, notes ,calendar with there Android device. There are multiple ways like using Kies, titanium backup(3rd party) just to name a few.

Here I will show you how to backup your device using Kies


Working PC/Laptop.

USB cable


Kies is the software to keep your mobile device up to date. It not only helps you to keep it up to date but at certain time you can update your phone software as and when available. Here I will not be going through how to update the firmware of your phone using Kies which is all together a separate topic which I will be covering at later stage.

You can install Kies for windows or Mac from the below link provided, but before doing I advice you to kindly read the instructions provided for the system requirement just to make sure you are ready to go with it

As of  10 November 2013 there are 2 different versions available for kies and both of them are available depending on the available Android version you are using.

For example : all Note 3 users comes with Android 4.3 while those users who have updated older devices say Note 2 in my case I have update my Android to 4.3 (Test version)from 4.1. In this case as your model is Android 4.3 you will need to install Kies 3.

If users have already installed Kies and not Kies 3 and connecting the new android 4.3 then there existing Kies software will be automatically be updated on your system when you connect your device.

Let begin now.

Install Kies for your PC/Laptop depending upon the OS you have. For me I have windows 7 . You can install the kies and select appropriate version of Kies software for your applicable Operating system from the link provided below:

Once you have installed the kies, open it from your desktop.It will ask you to connect the device.


You will now need to connect your device using USB cable. If it’s the first time you are connecting the device it will install the necessary drivers from the internet. Once all the drivers are installed and the device is shown in the Kies you can setup to synchronize your phone with outlook or vise versa


Now click on Backup/Restore tab which is available just beside Basic Information as shown in the screen shot above.


This will provide you with list of options that is available for backing up including some of the interenal applications. You may either select all items by marking this option available on top of the screen or select individual items which you need to backup.

 I always recommend the users to keep atleast 1 copy of full back which is performed every 1 month and schedule individual backup for every 15 days specially for contacts, messages, notes, call logs.

However it is really upto you to decide what you want to backup. Make sure you have sufficient space available on hard drive to store the backup. You may decide the amount of space required to backup by calculating the intenal and external memory of your phone when you refer to the screen shotof BASIC INFORMATION.

Now let us begin the backup.

Whether it Personal information (PIMS):contacts, messages,or contents: photos, videos, music or account information and security the back up is same for ALL.

I am selecting contacts, messages, call logs within PIMS and account infoamtion and security just for the representative purpose here as we just want to know how to backup runs.


Once you have decided you are done with the selection list, click back which will start performing the backup.



NOTE:  The backup time depends upon the size of the files being backed up!!!

The below screen shot will let you know how many items has been backup.

Here contacts, call logs,S planner,alarm, wifi settings has been backed up and Settings is under processing.


Once the backup is finished it will give you status as completed successfully or failed. In this scenario the backup is sucessfull



The backup is stored in the location as below:

For windows 7 OS: C:\Users\Abc\Documents\samsung\Kies3\backup

You can take a copy of the backup and store in USB and keep in safe!!

How to restore the backup using KIES

Connect your device using USB to your PC/Laptop and open Kies. Once the device is connected in Kies, select backup/Restore tab as shown below:


Select Restore data just below the Data Backup.

The Last backup date and time for your specific Model will be provided and if you have multiple backup’s and want to select specific backup you may do it.

If you have the backup on some other location say for example external HDD or usb drive, then in that case you have to specify the location by selecting select folder option.

You will be provided with number of items that are in backup. For example in the existing scenario you have Contacts, Messages and call logs within PIM selection and Alarm,WiFi,home screen in account information. Select what you want to restore and hit Restore.


This will complete your restore process.