Solution1 – Using SIM card

I purchased an Iphone from USA but when I upgraded the Iphone, after upgrading the iphone got locked and says Emergency calls only iphone – Incorrect sim. This caused my iphone to be locked and kept in drawer for about 25 days, until I ordered an new At&t sim directly to India from eBay USA. The sim arrived after 10 days. And I was able to unlock my phone. After that I did my Jailbreak and and Unlocked using Ultrasn0w

Solution 2 – Using Jailbreak (Non Spirit and Non Jailbreakme.com)

The Jailbreaks spirit and Jailbreakme.com by comex require the phone to be in working condition (Not stuck on emergency calls). If the phone is on Ios 4.1 it has to be first jailbroken by Limera1n and then unlocked by ultrasn0w.

See Guide on how to Jailbreak using Limera1n here and Carrier Unlock using Ultrasn0w here

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