Now the Bin Laden virus is spreading like wildfire, feeding on people’s curiosity see more of his pictures and videos.

In one of the cases, Facebook is being used to speard the malicious text. In this case, the people get mail from real friends(who are already infected) to copy and paste a link to get Bin Laden video. Following this procedure ends up giving the access of your computer to hacker.

Other cases include downloading of “special software” to view video. This special software is again a malicious software intended to take control of your computer.

How to protect yourself ?

Solution is simple…Don’t get involved !!

* Do not open any links from unknown sources claiming to show photos or downloading videos.

* If you recieve any mails from your friends asking you to click any link, just stop and read twice. Is the writing style that of your friend or julietta casino online is it more generic style ? If in doubt, leave it. If your the curious type, then reply back to your friend asking him/her to confirm that this mail was sent by him/her.

* If you are infected or compromised, immediately send mail to all your contacts to avoid the same mistake. It may be possible, once infected, your ID may have been used to lure your friends into the same trap.

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