I had signed up for domaintools.com on a free account and then upgraded to a GOLD account, (A type which will start billing after 10 days of use). After giving my credit card information etc my account, it took domaintools.com 1 full day to uprgade my account and make the paid features available to me.

As soon as I received an email that my account has been upgraded I immediately checked with domaintools.com the web history for the domain I needed. (I wanted to purchase a domain from the owner and was looking for his info- see full story here)

I got a list list of 48 records

Domaintools.com WHOIS History

You can see the what was the domain’s WHOIS record on the above given days. I find that this service is really wonderful and really helped my grab the domain from the owner who was no more interested in maintaining it.

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