Configuring SES on PhpList – Working

/Configuring SES on PhpList – Working

Configuring SES on PhpList – Working

Making Amazon Ses work on phplist was not a piece of cake.

Here are the Complete steps to make SES work on PHPList

  • First you need to install the version  2.11.6 only (Which is a development version and compatible with ses)
  • Then you need to configure the config.php file, with your amazon details. Just add in config.php


  • Also you need to set
  • Remove the option to send the phplist image in email as ses doesnot support attachment. for this you need to set define(“EMAILTEXTCREDITS”,1);
  • Remember to verify all the emails that you use in the phplist, sender, webmaster, bounce esp to verify your “no-reply” bounce email address.


If you miss any of the above steps you will get a message

sent test mail to: [email protected] failed

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  2. Lee Keels October 26, 2012 at 3:03 am

    Umm, SES supports attachments just like any other SMTP service does.

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