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Is Online Banking secured???

Is Online Banking secured??? Now a days we all are switching to online banking to avoid waiting in Queue for hours in banks, to deposit, transfer, credit, Govt. payments and other transactions. When we talk about online cheap viagra canada banking automatically its comes in mind that faster and easier way to do your banking […]

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Excel Shortcut

Excel is one of the powerful software is the Microsoft Office Suite. With so many commands, keyboard shortcut keys come in very handy. Here are few shortcut keys for formatting generic cialis 5mg and other commands : Display the Style command (Format menu)  =     ALT+’ (APOSTROPHE) Display the Cells command (Format menu)   = CTRL+1 […]

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Excel Sheets Navigation

Each of us who are using M.S. canada generic viagra Excel knows that we can activate a different sheets in a workbook by clicking its sheet tab left side bottom of the workbook. Many of us also know that you can press Ctrl-Page Up to activate the previous sheet, and Ctrl-Page Down to activate the […]

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