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Value of Time

Suppose every day if you are given 1,000 dollars and told that you can spend it however you like. However, at the end of the day, if you have any balance money left, it will be taken back; any person with common sense will try to spend all the money to buy something useful and […]

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Thirdparty trying to register domains similar to mine – Chinese SCAM

Today one of client recieved an email from on domain registration company in China that someone is trying to register domain names similar to mine and asking us if they should be allowed to register them. The game is if we response that dont allow anyone to register the domain then the fake chinese company […]

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Wrong WHOIS Complaint – WDPR

Few days ago  I received a notice from my domain registrar (See Review here) that someone has files a WDPR , Wrong or Incomplete WHOIS information complaint against my domain. WDPR : Whois Data Problem Report I was a bit shocked as my domain is having Privacy Protection enabled. Anyways here is my email conversation. […]

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