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Value of Time

Suppose every day if you are given 1,000 dollars and told that you can spend it however you like. However, at the end of the day, if you have any balance money left, it will be taken back; any person with common sense will try to spend all the money to buy something useful and […]

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The hidden Dangers of Facebook

Though the topic looks a bit, odd but I know by the time you finish this blog ,you would not only accept it but propagate it among your friends. To begin with no, device,instrument,service is without disadvantages how much beneficial it looks at the face value. And Facebook is no exception. Now let’s face the […]

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Wrong WHOIS Complaint – WDPR

Few days ago  I received a notice from my domain registrar (See Review here) that someone has files a WDPR , Wrong or Incomplete WHOIS information complaint against my domain. WDPR : Whois Data Problem Report I was a bit shocked as my domain is having Privacy Protection enabled. Anyways here is my email conversation. […]

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