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Import Hotmail and Yahoo mails into Gmail

Google has added an method to get your hotmail mail to gmail using a very simple feature. To use this feature login to you gmail account and go to Settings -> Accounts and Import ->Check mail using POP3-> Click Add Pop email account Gmail will automatically get all the settings for you, You just need […]

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Gmail single email multiple alias feature using dot . feature

Gmail has wonderful features. One of the best feature of Gmail is able to create multiple email ids from single email. The DOT Feature Using the DOT . feature in Gmail you can create multiple id’s for login/registrations where sites limit the service to 1 per email. For example the email = = […]

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Gmail is equal to Googlemail

Similar to the Gmail Dot feature and the + feature there is one more feature in gmail, where the gmail = googlemail The Googlemail Feature Here is equal to Which means = About this google says Also, if you’re receiving messages sent to your username, don’t be concerned. is […]

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