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How to do Location Targeting using Google Analytics

If you are using Adwords you would definitely want to market your products/website to the most potential customers, with the highest conversion rate.But how do you know from which particular location your most potential customers are coming? You can either make a wild guess or use Google Analytics to know what is the most potential […]

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Annotations in Google Analytics

What is the importance of Annotations in Google Analytics? One of the most important things to remember in the field of Internet is that, every website/blog is unique. Because there are so many factors playing in. Each website has its own unique content, diverse businesses, visitors etc. The point is what works perfectly for one […]

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Find Sites using same Analytics account – SOLUTION

For this we search web for same Analytics ID, and since its understood that the a single user has only ¬†one basic analytics account number we can track all the websites owned by him. Below is the list of steps required to find the sites owner by the same analytics ID First we need to […]

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