Why do blogs run? Why do people visit blogs & how come bloggers earn so much?

Doesn’t it looks ridiculous, that just a few words can bring in so much traffic and eventually money. The extent is so high, that Blogging has become a full time profession & some bloggers are earning more than $100,000 per year, & that’s not a small amount!

So, how do a few words generate so much income?  The simple answer is those words are not just words. Its knowledge. And knowledge sells. What ever is there in any book is knowledge or information. Just think why do you buy books? Because they give you something of value(knowledge). And what do books have?.. just words.

But the same words when you can freely access through the internet you feel its not worth it. Free stuff looks cheap, unfortunately. That’s the human psychology. If you offer something for free, people will feel that either its defective or trite. The same psychology works for blogs, since the stuff is free to the visitor.

So, how do you write a blog? Believe me, its not so difficult. Everybody has unique experiences in his life. And what ever experience you gain over the time can blogged.  One person’s experience is knowledge for the other.

Now, lets suppose you are a web developer/designer, and you are designing a website using a Joomla or Drupal. Now whatever issues you face during the development process is basically experience. And the same issues will be faced by others. And when you write about the solutions, using the right keywords there is a very much possibility that people facing the same problem will come to your website through the Search Engines. And you can generate income through Adverts or other services.

Below are a few simple tips to run a Blog:

1. Blog your experiences. Your experience is knowledge for the other.

2.Choose a high keyword topic. To know the high paying keywords read High paying Keywords.

3.Target high paying audience. To know the high paying audience read  Factors – Income from website.

These are just a few tips on how to blog. Visit our other posts in the Blog category to get more info.