With expanding market in Android world I hope to see many good Islamic apps. There is still much scope for improvement. I have listed below apps which I found useful and of good quality. Do share with me if you know some good Islamic apps in the comment section.
Afraid you will miss salah due to daily activities or because you do not know the timings in the new location ? Or you don’t know the Qibla direction ? Al-Moazin is a comprehensive Islamic software provided by www.parfield.com which preinstalled in HTC mobiles for Middle East. It provides:
Prayer – Salah timings – with Azan & separate alarm reminder before or after Azan.
Qibla Direction
Hijri – Gregorian calendar
It automatically finds the current location of the user through GPS and updates the salah timing and Qibla direction through internet.
This software is must have for all pious Muslims, especially for those on the move.
Got a few spare minutes ! Why not earn some sawab (hasanaat) by reading or memorising parts of Quran. iQuran is currently the best Quran software I have used for Android market, it is developed by Guidedways. It has indexing according to Surah and Para.
In the free version, you get Arabic text with English translation by Shakir and also recitation ayah by ayah by Sh. Mishary Rashed Al Afasy. If you need to mark any ayah for future reference, you can use the bookmark option (only 10 bookmarks in free version and 100 in pro version)
You can get other languages & translations in Pro version. Also more number of Quran recitors like Sk. Shuraim & Saud are also available in Pro version.
Must have app !!!
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