Creating Backlinks is a challenge. Initially, when you are new in the market, you have to personally make Backlinks for your website. But once you make your stand in the market, people will automatically link your website, because of the content. Same, was our case. When we were new in the market we started creating Backlinks, but the process was very cumbersome. We are talking here about the backlinks through Comments in other Blogs.

You can create a backlink by going to other Blog websites and write a comment, adding your website as the URL. Here you have to type your name,email,website & then the comment. And at the end there is a possibility that your comment might put in spam.

But, there is a solution to this, which makes you spam-proof, fast and easy. Just create an ID in DISQUS, the most famous commenting tool used in almost all the popular Blogs. Once, you create an ID, just login in one of the Blogs and simultaneously open all the other Blogs where you want to comment. And automatically you will logged in all the other Blogs where you want to comment.

Thus making your work extremely easy, where you just have to write the comment. All the other details will be provided by DISQUS. A word of caution here, don’t make too many backlinks in a very short time, the Search Engines might get┬ásuspicious.

Happy Backlinking.

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