Auto Publish your WordPress Blog posts on any Social media Site ( Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin etc ) With Easy Steps.

Sharing your Blogs via web-based networking media, for example, Facebook and Twitter are the best sources to get more traffic to your website. But the issue is the way of sharing your blogs can take too long time. the methods involved in sharing your posts on social sites is simple but having an automated system which auto-publish your posts on social sites will reduce your time & efforts.

The Easiest method to Connect your Social media Accounts is using Jetpack Publicize. Jetpack Publicize Helps you to auto-publish your blog posts on any social media site you will connect to. Let’s see steps involved in connecting your site with social media accounts.

Step 1 – Activate Jetpack Publicize Feature

Firstly you need to install & Activate jetpack plugin. once you activated your plugin,

Goto Jetpack from Dashboard and connect it with your Account

After connecting it with WordPress you will see Settings option under jetpack,

Goto Settings > Sharing Tab and activate publicize Connections ( Automatically share your posts to social networks )  and click on Connect your social media accounts link

Now it will redirect you to the sharing page of your website which is automatically created in your WordPress account.

Step 2 – Connect your site with Social Media sites to auto-publish your WordPress blog Posts

Now you will see social media sites list in the connection tab, click on connect button to connect your Social media account

Note: I will be showing you how to do this for Facebook, but you can configure this for other social networks like Twitter, LinkedIn, Tumblr, google+ and Yahoo.

How to Connect Facebook account ?

After clicking on connect it will display facebook login page ( if you are logged out ) login with your credentials.

Once you login in facebook account. It will open a pop up which shows your Facebook profile and your pages. you can select either of those ( profile or page ) to auto-publish WordPress blog posts. Click on connect after making your choice.

Now it will display your connection name ( either page or profile ) in sharing settings window.

But it is not limited to only one connection you can connect it with other Facebook profiles too.  just log out from the current Facebook account and follow the same steps mentioned for Facebook connection for other profiles.

You can repeat the same process for your Twitter, Linkedin, Path, and Tumbler accounts also.

Hope this tutorial helps you to setup auto-publish WordPress blog posts on Social Media Sites.

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