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Luminate Review

For those who don’t know, Luminate is a service which makes your Pictures Interactive. And helps you generate an additional income from your pictures. To know more about it go through ”Luminate – Adsense for Images”. Initially I was very optimistic after implementing, Luminate on one of my websites which has a lot of pictures. As […]

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Luminate ADs – Earn From Your Images!!

Just a few days back I was looking for an Ad network for images. I had heard about GumGum Ads and already implemented it on my website, but the payout was horribly low. Moreover it was eating away my Adsense CTR, thereby decreasing my overall income. So I thought, I will implement only ‘Adsense for […]

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How get your Blog Posts at the Top of Google Search?

Most of the new bloggers, after writing the blog post, just sit back and wait for their article to get indexed by Google and show at the top of the searches. Which obviously is not possible unless the article has a very unique topic. So what do you do next, to get your article at […]

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