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Earthquake of Bin Laden’s death video, photo Facebook phishing scam spreading like tsunami

Now the Bin Laden virus is spreading like wildfire, feeding on people’s curiosity see more of his pictures and videos. In one of the cases, Facebook is being used to speard the malicious text. In this case, the people get mail from real friends(who are already infected) to copy and paste a link to get […]

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5 Best & essential widgets for HTC Android mobile phones

Widgets are useful apps running on the home and providing some information or options on the home screen. Here are 5 must have widgets on home screen: 1. Power Control This widget is very resourceful, giving you complete control of your mobile phone’s facilities literally at the tip of your finger on home screen. Through […]

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Finding & closing background running applications on iPhone.

Many a times it happens that there are applications running in the background and you totally unaware of them and this may be draining you precious battery ( juice ). Just press the home button 2 times – similar to double click on mouse – and you will get a list of all running programs. […]

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