5 Must have apps for HTC Desire Android Phones

With the plethora of  applications available in the Android Market, one is stumped which apps to download.

Best way is to experiment.

However, below are five six (6) must have apps on your Android phone.

Battery Booster V 2.5

This is a fantastic app which shows in numerical figures how much battery is remaining on the task bar at the top. In addition it can be set to give beep when the battery goes below set value. Also, “Battery Tweak” allows you options to control battery usage through various services like Bluetooth, Wifi etc.

3G Watchdog

With the high rate of data usage in Smart phone, data usage monitoring is must. 3G Watchdog not only monitors the cell phone data usage, but also you to set monthly limit and monitor how much percentage of your quota you have used. It also allows monitoring on Daily, Weekly and monthly basis. And when 3G network is on, it shows a notification icon in the task bar at the top.


Technology today has made people closer by making communication cheaper and more accessible. CSipSimple is among the top softwares for making VoiP / SIP calls. Developed by android community, it is very easy to configure and use. It gives option to make call through SIP or through cell network directly. Another alternative to above software is SIPdroid which gives you option of having two SIP accounts at the same time.

Google Translate

An useful app to translate from one language to another. It also translates sms directly.


Sometime you downloaded a file or transferred it from another mobile, but you are not able to find it. Or you may want to free some memory space.  File explorers apps are useful and ASTRO is one of the popular apps in this section. AndroXplorer is an alternative if you are not happy with ASTRO little technical interface.


Actually, I know how I forgot to mention this app at the top. This app ( or anything similar) is MUST app for all mobiles. This is a security app which protect your mobile from malware, spyware and other threats. Its privacy advisor identifies apps that access private data on your mobile. It also allows you to Backup your contacts on the web. And in case you lost your mobile, it has series of options for locating your phone like waking it from silent mode and giving siren, getting the location of mobile and wiping and locking mobile in case the mobile is not retrievable.