Now, since you already know the high importance of creating Backlinks, you are eager to create not some but many of them for your website or Blog. To fulfill your thirst will show you below N number of ways, on how to create backlinks.

1. Start by submitting to the web directories

2. Submit in the Top Blog directories

3. Start posting as comments in other Blogs. See List of Blogs.

4.Signup in forums, with your URL as the signature. This will help you create backlinks, though the process is a bit lengthy.

5.Make reciprocal Links with other Bloggers in your field

6.Go to Blogging communities and propagate your blog

7.Use Yahoo Answers for your benefit by asking a question. And answering it with another ID and giving your blog reference.

8.Using your friends websites for backlinking.

9.Using Social networking sites to promote your blog

10.Use Stumbleupon for your blog.

11.Write as a guest blogger in others blogs

12.Make your images as hyperlinks, which if used on any website will act as backlinks.

13.Use digg to promote your blog.

14.Write review about your blog, in post in forums where they have option to do this.

15.Write reviews about others website/products/services, who might then backlink to you.

16.Write about your blog in

17.Trade articles with other bloggers in your niche.

Use the above techniques to create backlinks & you will see your website rise up the ranks.

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